Only Scientific is an online store that sells medical and scientific equipment, and we are fueled by the passion for finding, testing and distributing products of the highest quality.

Perhaps, your conventional way of buying medical and scientific supplies is by going to a medical supply store near you. But how many of these stores are in your neighborhood? At best, and depending on the area you live, you might find five, but at ridiculous prices. Your choices are limited when you choose to buy your supplies offline.

But your selection is virtually boundless when you shop online. However, the problem that then arises is how do you decipher all the options available to you. After all, you don’t want to lose your money shopping at stores notorious for poor customer service, untrustworthy, insensitive to privacy, and inferior products.

And here is where Only Scientific comes in, we saw the grave injustices than so many customers faced, and we decided to do something about it.

We are a team of medical professionals, and our mantra has always been “customer comes first.” Combined, our team has over 50 years of experience in this industry. We do not boast about our credibility, but we are one of the most trusted online medical and scientific stores in the US. Privacy sits at the core of our business model, that is why we have a zero-tolerance approach for sharing our customers’ information to anyone, whether government or private entities.

At Only Scientific, we pride ourselves to provide you with the best possible experience, and whatever your needs are, we can meet them.

What are you looking for? Thermometers, Face Mask, Posture Corrector, Portable pH Meter, Fertility Monitors, Early Detection Pregnancy? Or, perhaps things that are more high-end and sophisticated such as PCR Machine for COVID-19, MIR Spiro lab New Spirometer, or a 10L Rotary Evaporator Rotovap? Whatever your needs, you can find it at Only Scientific.

We’re always looking to increase our extensive range of quality products by adding the latest and the very best in medical supplies and cutting-edge equipment. And because of our long-standing, and excellent relationships with our manufacturing partners, our prices are very affordable, and unlike what you will find elsewhere.

Our well-trained team of professionals are equipped to handle orders of any size, whether you are a company, and you need a quick bulk order, or a family who need a few supplies, Only Scientific will meet all your demands.

We always strive to provide the quickest and most reliable order fulfilment, along with unmatched customer service satisfaction with every piece of item you purchase. That said, as a genuine token of our commitment, honesty, and understanding, if you buy our products, and they do not turn out to be the best fit, we are flexible on our return policy.

At Only Scientific, we are only concerned with providing you with what works best for you, and we do this by offering excellent quality products, being transparent, honest, and always seeking your best interest.

We are thrilled to have you here, and we know that you will find what you came looking for.